How To Increase Web Traffic Without The Spam Factor

Do you know why a spammy site design will lower conversions? Many people do not realize they could make some easy changes to their website to simply drive more traffic. There could be many reasons why your website is not getting the conversions it needs, but addressing some of these following issues below could help you get started.

1. Use SEO Tactics to Every Area of Your Website

SEO (also known as Search Engine Marketing) is how search engines find your websites, content, or articles on the web. In order for this to happen, keywords must be used within your website and its content to guide the search engines. Your website tag line is a place to include your keywords.

2. Focus on Your Target Market

You can have all the traffic in the world come to your website, but if the right target traffic is not there you will miss out in the conversions. Targeted traffic is the traffic which is in demand for your specific product or service. So if your traffic is demanding cat food and you are selling dog food, you will not make very many sales. Getting rid of information not directly related to your website will drive away that unwanted traffic.

3. How Much Are You Offering to Your Audience?

There is this large idea about the human brain being easily overwhelmed. If you have a variety of options for your services, it is best to keep the options down to at least three or four options. Showing 10 options to offer more to your consumer will only make them not make a decision at all, and most likely they will leave your website.

4. Tell Potential Customers What to Do

If you have links all over your website, which looks spammy, you need to pull your customers into a zone and tell them to click when necessary. For example, instead of offering all your selections in a cluster on the sidebar of your website, write a very detailed description of your product or service and tell them to “Click Here” to buy, or create a “Buy Now” button. This builds excitement and anxiousness in the person viewing your website.

5. What Exactly is Your Website Offering?

When someone visits your website, they must know what they are getting or they will leave quickly. It is kinda like going to a store and not being able to find what you went for in the first place. It is the same for a website. Your website layout should guide your visitors where you want them to go. Have a link or two at the bottom of each reading as suggestions as well.

What are other techniques that you use to drive traffic to your website? Share your secrets with us!


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Image: David Airey

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