iStaffSource Supply Agreement

Minimum Renewable Terms

1.    You may enter into a contract agreement with iStaffSource on a 1-month minimum renewable term (contract initially is basedAgreement - on 12 months). You can end the contract after one month with no obligations with only 24-hour notice. If the service contractor has been contracted longer than 3 months, then a two weeks notice period is required.

2.    To get started, all you need do is complete the Job Specification form and take care of the recruitment set-up fee cost. It would take 2 weeks to 3 weeks to shortlist candidates, 2 candidates are endorsed for you to consider doing the final interview. It is expected that you will respond to all communication within 3 days during the recruitment process. Once you reject a candidate, another 2 will be endorsed until we have satisfied your staffing need.

3.    When you confirm which candidate you want to work with, we will issue our one month advance invoice which is due prior to the commencement of your contractor. Any hours or days not worked during the initial month will be credited back in the following month’s invoice. Overtime will be added to the invoice at the same hourly rate. Ongoing monthly invoices will have a 5-day payment term for you to make direct payments. If payment is not made within the 5-day period, we will debit a nominated bank account or Paypal Account. Client service invoices serve as your security, so commitment to our strict invoicing terms is required.

4.   Online transparency and management tools are free to use by clients to better manage the contractors, with computer screen captures taken every 3 minutes for the Client to view work being performed, online time sheets confirming start/finish working hours, as well as an online activity tracker taken every 20 to 30 min to confirm what project the contractor are working on.

5.   Every client will have assigned an iStaffSource Human Resource Coordinator who will confirm their contractor is online, on-time and working on work-related activities. We also have client staff relationship officers to help clients in setting up best practice technologies to work smarter, faster and more productive with staff online. In addition to this service to make sure both client and contractor are working well together. We also provide you with a 3-month contractor replacement guarantee.

6.     iStaffSource is not liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or incorrect conclusions with respect to the quality, character, work history, qualifications or any other characteristics of any contractor provided. The Client takes full responsibility for the final decision and management of their contracted offshore staff.

7.     Additional fees when relevant: A fee of USD$5,000 plus applicable taxes applies if The Client or contractor offshore hires, solicits, engages or otherwise seeks to form a contracting or employment relationship with any iStaffSource Service Contractor (including, without limitation, a relationship pertaining to further or for different Assignments) without the express written approval from iStaffSource.

8.          Clients are obliged to accepted these terms of agreement when they engage a contractor from iStaffSource.

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