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Traditional Magazines can Survive the Digital Revolution

Your current magazine doesn’t need to die along with the death of print publishing. Publishing on the iPad might just be what the doctor ordered to revolutionize your readers’ experience and your magazine’s global reach along with an improved return on investment (ROI). Many traditional print media magazine publishers have introduced digital editions of their products via Apple’s iTunes Newsstand for delivery on the iPad, and this has increased their subscriber numbers beyond their wildest dreams.

Digital Magazine Platform for iPadAdditionally, by distributing digital copies of older magazine editions, publishers are able to squeeze revenue out of old content. This makes a great case for rejuvenating back issues of print magazines. Whether to optimize your digital copies or to simply distribute digital replicas of the print copies, is up to you. Experts do agree that you should not add too many widgets so as to completely change the readers’ experience.

Digital is not limited to Magazines

Digital editions are not limited to magazines alone. Therefore you should not limit what you make available to your readers. It includes brochures, electronic catalogues, newspapers and anything else that would normally be published in print. However, magazines are certainly recording superior results as iPad publications.

When you want your magazine distributed in digital format via Apples iPad Newsstand, you will want to work through reputable companies, such as MagCast. MagCast provides the framework for producing, uploading and optimizing your magazine in digital form. It enables you to insert iPad retina-ready images, iPad optimized video and even URLs to your advertisers’ products and any other pages you want to link to.

Once you are happy with the layout of your magazine and the enhancements, you can have it distributed to your subscribers via a distribution portal such as Newsstand.

Publishing Portals provide the Tools

Publishing portals provide the tools you need to create and publish interactive digital magazines that will appeal to your readers. Select one that offers the best value for your money. Magcast has a great selection of design and marketing tools that will not only make your publications stand out from your competition, but will also help with reader interaction, stats and much more.

Audio, video and links to external pages will enhance your readers’ search for knowledge, while comprehensive live statistics will help you and your advertisers to fine-tune your campaigns. For a more wide ranging analysis you can link each magazine to your Google Analytics account to analyse user behavior right from the first click to the moment a sale is made online.

Publishing-Platform-for-Magazine-PublishersThe Benefits of using MagCast

There are huge benefits to publishing your magazines as digital editions via Magcast:

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone with limited coding experience to publish great editions.
  • Increased return on investment – reach a wider audience for less financial spend.
  • Many publishing options – free magazines, subscription-only, special editions and more. The choice is yours.
  • No IT investment – We have already set it all up and made it available for you to use.
  • Controlled access – Our cloud-based DRM access control tools keep you in control.
  • e-Commerce integration allows you to easily integrate your digital catalogues with your e-commerce portal.
  • SEO optimized editions – Editions are SEO ready to enhance search engine exposure.

You can easily integrate social media, polls and competitions within your digital publication too. This encourages readers to interact with you, further gaining exposure and increasing your reach into your global audience.

The MagCast Publishing Professionals

All this may seem all too new to you if you have not yet worked in the digital broadcasting media space. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from publishing your magazine on the iPad . Many companies and freelance contractors can do it for you. When hiring a freelancer, make sure they are a MagCast professional. have been producing MagCast digital magazines since its launch onto the digital publishing world. They are now considered leading outsourcing professionals of the MagCast platform.  They can create beautiful branded publications for your business and help with distribution and promotion to your worldwide audience.

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