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What is a Virtual Assistant? [we don’t just do VA’s]FAQ - iStaffSource

A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual who serves as your business support online within a certain range of capabilities and expertise. They work virtually for you from their home offices. Support services include website development, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, personal assistance, and other essential online services. They are not your employee!  Your VA is contracted to you for your required services through iStaffSource for an agreed term.

How can I hire a VA?

You can contact our Managers direct at – stuart@istaffsource.com or fortune@istaffsource.com, or via our Contact Us page. When you do make contact please provide them with the specifications of your required VA. We will then select the most qualified VA (or other role) that meets your requirements and present them for your evaluation. The more detailed your specifications provided for your appointment the better.  We are confident we can match a qualified VA for you.

How can I be sure that the VA selected for me is indeed qualified and capable? A great FAQ!

All our applicants undergo a series of rigorous skill and competency tests, and comprehensive interviews. All prospective VA’s are required to pass the intensive screening process before being eligible for referral. They also undergo training by our managers.  This will ensure that they are capable of  delivering the work standards required by you, our client.

Is hiring a VA versus a full-time employee really cost-effective?

Taking into account that a full-time employee would mean paying for employment costs such as federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, vacation pay, employee benefits, training costs, and office space or equipment costs, by hiring a VA non of these costs will be incurred. Move your employee costs from a fixed overhead to a variable expense.  Outsourcing to iStaffSource will definitely save you money!

Because iStaffSource VA’s are located overseas, will I encounter communication problem?

No, you won’t.  iStaffSource VA’s are located in the Philippines, where English is a spoken second language. Our VA’s have all graduated from colleges where English is the medium of communication and teaching.  While most have been speaking English since they were young children. iStaffSource VA’s hold college degrees and our screening processes filter out individuals with poor communication skills. English speaking and writing is our most important skills criteria.

How can I monitor the work times of my VA?

iStaffSource VA’s are required to be online via Skype 100% of their working time. Our managers also check with them via chat or phone call to make sure they are working efficiently. In addition to that, iStaffSource uses its own proprietary time tracker monitoring software iStaffTracker that monitors your VA’s computer activities during working hours. This ensures you only pay for the time worked on your projects. Potentially saving you thousands of $$ per year.

Can I trust iStaffSource to keep my intellectual property secure?

iStaffSource recognizes that the most important factor in our relationship is trust. We take specific steps to ensure that your intellectual property is kept safe at all times. Only you and your assigned iStaffSource employee have access to your sensitive online property.

Does iStaffSource offer any guarantees?

Yes we a replacement guarantee for your VA. If you are not happy with your VA then they will be replaced with another VA of your choice.  All our VA’s are trained and tested to meet our stringent standards before being eligible for hire.  This ensures you get the best VA’s available.  It also ensures you do not need to go through the hassle of recruiting and interviewing unqualified candidates.

Will my Virtual Assistant be trained in the work I want done?

Any VA that we present to you will have experience in the roles you need performed. However, there is always a degree of initial learning with any new employee, whether online or offline.  With our managed service, we will help you and the VA through this initial period. This will ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

Will my VA be efficient, effective and productive for my business?

Yes, your VA should perform just like an offline employee. If you are prepared to work with and train your VA when first hired, then there is a good basis for a lasting relationship. Beyond the results you receive form your VA after that will speak for themselves. It is important to note, that hiring a VA to work online will never be a perfect, risk free, experience. It just like any employee/employer relationship. There are on unconditional guarantees offered! However, once you establish a harmonious working relationship with your VA, you will be pleasantly surprised with how they perform. Mostly because of their diligence and loyalty. Over time it will be noticeable how you have leveraged your time by working with your VA.

Will my Virtual Assistant work exclusively for me?

Yes, your Virtual Assistant will work solely for you if you hire them for a 40 hours work week. They will do whatever tasks you choose. Our managed and monitoring services ensures this will happen.

Do you offer a free trial period?

No we do not offer free trials period. We do however offer our replacement guarantee. If at any time you are not satisfied with your VA and your relationship has broken down.  We will replace your VA until you are satisfied.

How do I know that iStaffSource can design and publish my iTunes iPad magazine for me?

iStaffSource as the technical expertise and experience in publishing magazines on the MagCast publishing platform. One of our major projects is the – Ziimeo Travel Magazine.  To view the quality of this magazine production, you can access the  free App for the Ziimeo Travel Mag by downloading it on the Apple iTunes Newsstand.

If you have more FAQ questions to ask of iStaffSource then please send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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