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Highly Skilled and Trained Staff at iStaffSource

We have your highly skilled and trained professional staff waiting for you. Contact us today to discuss your staffing requirements.

By adhering to a rigorous interview, selection and training process that ensures only the best applicants are accepted. Highly Skilled and TrainedOur clients are assured of having only the best candidates made available to them.  In fact, our best candidates available for hire have a University Degree with 1-3 years of specialization in their selected field of interest.

Being able to attract only the best candidates is a major benefit to our clients. It ensures that only the best staff are available for our clients’ important IT and online roles.

We are dedicated at finding your highly skilled and trained staff for your thriving business.

Interview, Train and Test our Candidates

Not just any qualified staff are accepted into our system. We interview, train and test our candidates. All this to ensure they meet that standards demanded by our clients. By doing so, we maintain our high standards. We also ensure a smooth transition to a successful working relationship between client and our online staff.

After the interview, training and testing phase, we select the best 3 candidates that best match your requirements. Qualifications, skills, experience and personality are all determining factors in candidate selection. To achieve a good fit, we ensure that our client and candidates personalities are matched. This process minimizes the chances of incompatibility, when it comes time to working closely together. To achieve the best results we also undertake an interview process with our clients. To ensure we understand their broad personality type and specific online staffing requirements.

We find that clients need to be guided through this process. Because many are not exactly sure what staffing requirements they need for their business.   With our experience, we can best evaluate the urgent staffing needs of our clients. This leads to the best available qualified and skills based candidates for our client.

After all, our process is all about you, our client!

Join today to reap the benefits of our experience in outsourcing the best online staff for you!

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