How to Make a Magazine for iPad

ipad digital magsIf you want to take your magazine subscriptions to the next level, look no further than Apple iTunes Newsstand. That’s right – you can increase your readership and your advertising revenues without having to spend a fortune on printing and distribution of your magazine. A digital magazine subscription should not be seen as a one time purchase because when you use a system like MagCast, you can send out push notifications to your users to further monetize your publication.

Magazines published for the rapidly expanding iPad and tablet mobile markets are the way to go if you want to increase your readership and capitalize on a growing audience. These magazines are published to the Apple iTunes Newsstand, but apart from that, the concept is pretty similar to standard print magazines.

MagCast enable you to do so much more

Your iPad publication, just like your print magazine, will have a logo and a cover image. However, MagCast enables you to do so much more. You can insert spectacular retina ready images to really capture your audience’s attention.

MagCast is one such system that supplies a convenient infrastructure to convert your content into a digital edition. It also provides handy push notifications and issue updates, using the Magic Delivery tool.

With so many tools available to choose from, most people settle for the most affordable system. However, be sure that when you look around, you also consider service and functionality. Look for stand-out features such as MagCast’s marketing package which sets it apart from other systems.

Publish with greater flexibility

When you publish for iPad, you can have more regular issues or publish your magazine more frequently. The option exists to publish weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, 6 monthly or annually. Whatever, you choose. You can even select the type of distribution that you prefer, for instance, a paid publication, a free publication, subscriber only edition or a special edition.  This is also known as a launch strategy.

Take advantage of advertisers looking for exposure to your market

You can easily capitalize on advertising opportunities as advertisers are looking to reach this growing user-base. This opens up opportunities for you as a publisher to reach new advertisers. Additionally, you can leverage your existing advertising by placing URL’s to sales pages or to additional information that users can access via the in-app browser functionality on their iPads.

One of the best things about iPad publications is that you can update your publication’s content whenever you want to. The content will automatically be updated on the subscribers’ iPad, next time they turn it on.

Interactive elements are the readers favourite

publish-magazineUsers and readers just love the interactive element that comes with iPad publications. With MagCast you have the option to include interactive audio clips and video that will play seamlessly in the page. From photo galleries and RSS feeds to text boxes and graphical ads, you can turn your magazine into a user-oriented and fun experience.

MagCast offers an opt-in box facility and list management service to enable you to easily keep a track of your subscribers as they are added to your list. This enables even more comprehensive use of your magazine publication, as you can personalize content to better connect with your readers.

Outsourcing saves time and money!

With so many different functionalities, the biggest problem you will have is to prepare content for your magazine. That is why many publishers simply optimize their standard print magazine files for iPad publication. Many of them hire to do this for them. Outsourcing can save a lot of time and it is a very cost-effective way to get the job done. Additionally, when the results come in, it will be cheaper than it would cost to try expanding your readership through traditional print media.

Engage the experts to produce your digital magazine stays on the cutting edge of Tablet and Newsstand developments and are highly skilled in creating magazines that are geared to deliver results. They will talk to you and give their input into the best way for you to do things. They will use content management systems to convert your content into a PDF design files and upload to MagCast for optimizing and publication.

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