How to Publish a Magazine for iPad

MagCast Makes Publishing Simple, Fast and Cost Effective

Apple-iPad-miniDigital publishing has been considered to be expensive and therefore prohibitive for many publishers who lacked the technical skills to create, develop and optimize digital publications. MagCast has removed these obstacles for publishers as the system makes publishing digital magazines simple, fast and extremely cost-effective.

Publishing with MagCast is easier than you might imagine and you are able to publish incredible looking content that readers will love to read and subscribe to for more.

MagCast Helps Create Awesome Magazines

MagCast, the digital publishing platform is a viable solution that enables publishers to create awesome digital magazines for download on Apples Newsstand for the iPad. You are able to make content interactive with videos, audio, links and eye-catching images designed to keep your audience captivated. This will ensure that readers keep coming back for more by signing up for a subscription to your magazine.

Not only does MagCast deliver magazines to your market, the system offers marketing, training and support to publishers who need that extra bit of help. MagCast then creates your Newsstand App and you can do this yourself thanks to the easy to understand instructions on setting up an Apple Developer account. You do not need to be an expert in programming as all you need to do is follow the instructions that are easy enough to follow.

Publish Your Magazine to the iTunes Newsstand

You will learn how to work with the Apple Newsstand, which is the platform where you publish your finished product. iTunes Newsstand is the largest platform that readers go to in order to access quality magazines. Once you have created your magazine, you submit it to the Newsstand for readers to access and download your magazine onto their iPad.

Having access to the MagCast platform opens up many doors for you as a publisher. You are able to format your magazine using all the tools that MagCast has available. It is simple enough to use these tools as the tutorials offer simple instructions for you to follow.

Use Your Preferred Content Software to Covert to a PDF file

All you  have to do is  use your preferred program to convert your content to PDF. From there you upload it to MagCast and this is where the fun begins. Here you can play with optimization by adding links, images, audio and videos that will captivate your audience. You may need to play around with this as you need to get the balance just right. Not enough optimization will not serve your purpose, while too much could frustrate your readers.

MagCast is Value for Money

Digital-MagazineThe MagCast platform certainly offers value for money to publishers. Most importantly, you will have access to comprehensive training tutorials which will show you just how to create your digital magazine from start to finish. No matter what your computer skills are like, you should be able to create your magazine by following the easy instructions.  The platform create your own app that is uploaded to Apple. The App can be used to sell single copies or subscription based publications.

Seek Professional Help for Your Magazine

If you are too busy or feel that you do not have the skills to use the MagCast platform, then you should contact They offers you a professional publishing service for MagCast members. They have highly trained and skilled web designers who can create your digital magazine for you. For more information and immediate access to the publishing services leave your email details below.

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