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Magazine for Apple iPadApple iPad Publishing Revolution

As a publisher, you have probably heard about Apple iPad digital publishing. The newsprint industry often experiences ups and downs and that’s where iPad publishing can help to revitalize and revolutionize your newspaper or magazine publication. Increasing numbers of publishers are taking advantage of digital publishing and as such as making their publications available to tablet readers. No matter how big or small your newspaper or magazine topic is, a tablet app can inject new life and personality into it.

The iTunes Newsstand enables iPad users to browse thousands of popular and lesser known publications from all over the world. Your newspaper or magazine could be one of them.

iPad Publishing wasn’t always a good experience

When digital publishing to the iPad first started, the newspapers and magazines were not formatted properly and most of them were on technical topics, catering to early adopters and high-tech individuals. Since then, MagCast the publishing platform for iPad, has changed the way in which people publish and read newspapers and magazines. Consumers have now started enjoying the way in which they can simply carry all their publication subscriptions along with them wherever they go. Publishing platforms like MagCast make it possible for consumers to benefit from reading their newspapers and magazines on the iPad.

Consumers can easily find their favorite newspapers and magazines on the Newsstand, which indexes thousands of publication titles. Some publications are special edition only, while others are delivered directly to the publications’ subscriber base. Other newspapers and magazines are openly available to everyone who uses an iPad. The distribution settings are available from within the publication system.

ipad newsstandiPad Newspapers and Magazines are well read 

iPad magazines are well read by iPad consumers. Research has shown that consumers tend to download their magazines early in the morning and then read them on their morning and evening commutes. The portability enables them to have access to all their favorite magazines right there, any time of the day or night without having to lug a heavy bag of magazines with them. Your magazine can become a trusty companion to them.

Evocative Publications

For your publication to be evocative, you can optimize it with digital content, such as short video clips, eye-catching images and even links to websites or advertisers. Err on the side of “less is more” when it comes to these enhancements. Too much video takes away from the typical newspaper or magazine feel of the publication, and many readers don’t enjoy that too much. Depending on your niche and readership, you may prefer to making a digital replica of your print newspaper or magazine. Many publications have done that with great success, suggesting that sticking to a proven recipe is your best bet.

Listen to Your Readers

The key to digital publishing is to ‘listen to your readers’ and to provide them with what they want. MagCast is an innovative platform that provides you with tools to do just that. Whether you have a small or large publication and no matter the size of your subscriber base, they have tools to help you manage your publication and your marketing strategy. From digital esthetic enhancements to your newspaper or magazine’s layout to marketing tools that include list-building, it is all there. Your publications statistics can be tracked on Google Analytics to ensure that you have the latest stats and analysis at your fingertips. Knowing your statistics is imperative if you have advertisers. They will want to know whether their advertising and marketing campaigns are delivering their desired results.

Now is the Time to take Advantage of  iPad Digital Publishing

If you’re a publisher, now is the time to take advantage of the iPad digital publishing!

If you want a special app built for the publication and distribution of your newspaper or magazine, you can do that with MagCast. You don’t need to a skilled web designer and developer for iPad publishing, but it helps! If you want your publication to compete with the best in your Newsstand category then talk to the experts in MagCast newspaper and magazine publishing.  Talk to them today!

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