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Digital-MagazinesTechnology is Driving Innovation

The world is constantly on its toes keeping up with the never ending developments in technology. Phones have condensed into wireless cell phones and talking on the move has become an essential way of life. Pinging and Text have become the best way to stay in touch. Computer screens have shrunk to the size of tablets and digital magazines uploaded on the Apple Newsstand have become enriched with images and videos, especially on the iPad Retina Display.

The big question is – are you part of this technological revolution or are you still grappling in the dark looking for old world solutions? Worse still, have you given up your dreams because you have become intimidated with the seemingly insurmountable speed of technological and its barriers?

Have You Considered Publishing a Digital Magazine?

A digital magazine can not only be a great way to exchange information but also an innovative way to get more clients connected to your business. Digital magazines have revolutionized the reading of content around the world today. Information has become more accessible and the viewing of this information is a more engaging and thrilling experience. Digital magazines that are available on the iPad have progressed from the conventional text modules, to include enhanced images on the dynamic Retina Display and videos which take you closer to the action for a much more rewarding experience.

Why let a lack of technological knowledge cause you to miss out on one of the greatest technological revolution of our time? You are undoubtedly wondering how on earth a digital magazine can be published without knowing the intricate workings of the App coding world. The solution is as simple as using available technology and outsourcing. Invariably your next concern would be the cost. Most magazine developers provide niche services at exorbitant prices. As a new startup you might not be willing to spend as much as $15,000 per issue plus 5% of sales revenue on developing your digital magazine.

Disruptive Ideas make Good Magazine Content

If you have a disruptive idea for a magazine don’t let small issues like a lack of technical knowledge hold you back. Disruptive ideas are generally the seeds of innovation! Publishing a digital magazine on Apple iPad does not need to be the luxury of a few tech savvy content developers. As long as you have an idea and the confidence to back that idea with a steady stream of content there is no reason why your digital publication cannot be of interest to the many millions of iPad users across the globe for sale or subscription. You just need to find the best platform to publish your magazine on iPad with and MagCast is that platform.

MagCast and iStaffSource provide the Solution

Publishing-Your-Own-Magazine-on-Apple-iPadMagCast is a new digital publishing platform designed to make it easier for the non-techie types to produce and publish their own iPad magazine. However, you still need to know how to design and upload your content onto a PDF platform. If you don’t, then do! bridges the gap between the exhorbitant costs and value for money services. When you outsource your magazine to iStaffSource all you need to worry about is the content of your magazine – text, images, videos, advertising, and links.  The experienced team at iStaffSource will take care of all the technical issues pertaining to your magazine. Right from proofing your content, designing the template, designing magazine layout, uploading images, videos, advertising and placing your links to finally publishing onto the Apple Newsstand platform.

Should you require help with your research for contents and compilation for your magazine, then iStaffSource offers a content service too.

iStaffSource partners with you all the way to produce a brilliant digital magazine that your audience will love to read. iStaffSource can also promote your digital magazine to your target of audience.

Now you can publish your own magazine on Apple iPad at an extremely affordable price. While you dedicate your valuable time collecting and assorting the content for your magazine, the team at iStaffSource will work behind the scenes to give your digital magazine a professional look and feel.

Talk to the team at and use their expertise and experience to publish your digital magazine today! For more information, enter your email above.



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