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Apple Newsstand being Flooded with Magazines

Apple-NewsstandsThe Apple newsstand has been flooded with digital magazines spanning all genres and topics. The point where it gets boring is when one magazine begins to look and feel like the other. There is no originality of content, there is nothing amidst those stunning retina display views which thrills and excites readers anymore. There is a huge gap where interesting and unique magazines can slide neatly into place.

The point with out of the box thoughts is that more often than not they remain just thoughts. People are so averse to exercising their differences that they let go of a fantastic idea to follow the crowds. Every minute a new idea blossoms somewhere and dies and equally quick death.  What if all these ideas were to actually discover a platform on which they can come alive?

Your Unique Ideas in a Magazine

If you have a unique idea for a magazine which you believe will set it apart from the rest of the crowd, this is your chance to execute it. When the monetary risks involved are a bare minimum the only risk you run is your idea not gathering steam. But you would have at least given your thoughts a shelf life. Now for one moment think what if your idea spreads quicker than a fire in a dry forest in peak summer? Would you not be glad that you worked on your idea instead of just letting it sit?

Cosmopolitan dared to be different. What started out as a family magazine to address women’s issues soon gathered steam as it became bolder and controversial about relationships and sexual conflicts. What made Cosmopolitan so popular? It was just the courage of certain individuals to speak boldly about what they believed in.

Publish at a fraction of the Cost

Digital-MagazineAt least way back when Cosmo was gathering steam they had to worry about huge costs of printing and circulation. With the help of MagCast and iStaffSource you can convert your thoughts into a digital magazine at very little cost in comparison.  MagCast is a sensational new tool that enables you to publish your digital magazine to the Apple Newsstand even when you have no knowledge of coding or any other technical abilities.

All you need do to publish on MagCast is to create an account and upload a PDF of your complied content. You can then optimize your digital magazine by adding images and links and publish it by simply clicking a button. What makes it even better is that MagCast provides video tutorials to all its members which helps them right from start to finish of publishing their digital magazine.

Publish with the Professionals

iStaffSource takes your convenience one step further. Disruptive thoughts need to be worked upon. iStaffSource believes that relieving you of all design, technical and promotional duties for your digital magazine gives you more time and space to work on your content. So while you are creating content which will sweep the world off its feet, the experienced team at iSatffSource will be making sure that your digital magazine looks professional, is convenient to read and is easily accessible to your audience.

Every thought has potential and as a content developer you are obliged to exploit a thought to its fullest. MagCast and give you the opportunity to publish every thought and every image you have into a stunning magazine available to the millions of Apple users via Newsstand. Be it a photographic journey, a video representation or a magazine if you have a thought which you think stands out from the rest, give it a chance. Let it circulate in the markets for a while. You never know which idea makes it big and when!

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