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Virtual Assistants from developing countries are highly qualified in their field of expertise. Many have University Degrees and many years of experience. Fortunately for our clients these qualifications and experience come at very affordable rates. In many cases at 20% to 30% of the rates paid by employers in the USA, CA, UK or AU. Pricing - iStaffSource

Hiring a Virtual Assistant from iStaffSource gives you an enormous competitive advantage over your competitors!

Pricing is by the hour. Rates are dependent on the services and individual staff you select.

Pricing below is indicative of a typical Virtual Assistant who has the qualifications and experience to undertake these tasks.  Pricing is commensurate to the skills and experience of the professional selected to work on your special project.

- All rates are in USD ($) Currency
- Equivalent to one (1) staff only

Website Designing – $10 an hour – Web designing is part of the overall web development process. Your web designer will design the logos graphics and the layout of your website pages in accordance with your specifications.

Website Developing & Maintenance – $10 an hour – If you want your website to have a professional touch, our web developing staff can be of great benefit to you. Web developers will also purchase domain, host accounts, and coordinate with clients about the desired specs of the site.


Content Writing – $8 an hour – This is part of the web developing service. The content writer will write the contents for your website as well as articles for SEO. The writer will also proof read all your written content.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – $8 an hour – Part of the web development services and is actually the most important aspect of building your site. After your website has been wonderfully built and designed, the SEO specialist will make it visible to the search engines and market it to your specific target market niche.


Social Media Marketing – $6 an hour – The Social Media Marketer creates a comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility, membership and traffic across your sites and manages social media programs. This way, you will be able to leverage social media activities to generate more income for your growing business.


Email Marketing – $6 an hour – This service allows you to develop, execute and track email marketing campaigns for customers, partners and potential clients. We supervise the production of email communications and utilize measurement tools and computer software to create mass email campaigns for your business.


Affiliate Marketing – $8 an hour – Through Affiliate Marketing, we create a partnership between a website publisher and a vendor or advertiser. This allows both parties to earn revenues based on number of clicks, registrations and transactions on the salesperson’s website.


Videography – $10 an hour – Videographers are responsible for creating artistic videos within the scope of news, sports, special events, travel, and other categories of your choice.


Appointment Setting – $5 an hour – An Appointment Setter is an entry-level administrative role that involves contacting cold and/or warm sales leads for the purpose of making initial contact with prospective clients and introduction of the goods and services of the company.


Customer Service – $6 an hour – A Customer Service Representative is a critical link between your company and its customers. The CSR deals with the clients online, over the phone, or face to face, look after the customer accounts, and deals with queries from your clients.


Data Entry & Research – $6 an hour – This service consists mainly of effectively processing data for the benefit of the organization. The Data Entry & Research staff manages the information in a company and would include data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders and clerks.


Virtual Assistants – $6 an hour – Having a VA can save any business a lot of time and expenses. Delegate all your busy tasks to your administrative assistant — presentations, data entry, phone transactions, email handling, video marketing, article marketing, personal tasks, and other tedious, everyday tasks. 

Publishing Services – We are the trusted experts when it comes to providing publishing services to members of the MagCast Magazine Publishing community. We will save you time and money on the production, publishing and marketing stages of your magazine. Our process will leave the most important process – content writing – in your hands while we handle all the technical and marketing aspects of the process. You deliver your content to us, we publish your brilliant magazine, distribute to your subscribers, and market to your audience.

iPad Magazine Layout and Design @ $450

iPad Magazine Conversion and Publish @ $275

iPad Magazine Promotional Support @ $250

If you don’t see the service you are looking for listed above, then please contact us. One of our Management team will be happy to discuss your service request with you. We appreciate your support and we look forward helping you with your virtual staff and outsourcing solutions.

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