Staff Communication

Direct communication with your designated iStaffSource staff member is encouraged by iStaffSource management.

Clients should build rapport and a good working relationship with their online staff member. This will help both the client and the staff member by developing a level of understanding and trust between both parties. Which should then transform into the building of a successful business relationship. How To Communicate With Virtual Staff With Internet Tools

For a productive relationship please communicate frequently!

To do this, we find ‘Skype’ to be the perfect medium. Try it and you will see! Best of all its FREE!

Clients should also note, that as a mark of respect our iStaffSource staff member will most likely call you ‘Sir’.  If you, our client are from a Western country – USA, UK, Australia or Europe, you may find this strange or possibly uncomfortable. Please accept this term of respect as it is part of the Filipino culture. 

We recommend that you maintain this level of respect between you the client and our staff member as experience shows us that successful working relationships are developed and maintained because of this respectful relationship.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best in your successful working relationship.

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