Ziimeo HD Active to Run Beta Version for 2 Months

Great news for Travel Junkies who would love to get their hands on the upcoming Ziimeo HD Active — Ziimeo will be launching a Beta version for two months before turning it into the paid version. This will give everyone a chance to try it out for a few weeks to give them a feel of the benefits that they would be entitled to under the Premium version of Ziimeo HD Active. All these benefits can be freely experienced until May 01, 2012, when members will have to register to continue accessing those benefits. This is a unique opportunity within a limited span of time. So Ziimeo members ought to make the most out of these precious next few weeks.

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Ziimeo — Better than YouTube?

Video uploading has been the rage in the internet for the past few years. People nowadays are always looking for a venue wherein they can easily share their experiences to the world via the Web. When YouTube started the trend of online video sharing, many other websites also came up with roughly the same idea. With all the hoopla surrounding online communities, many people, especially travel junkies, if there is actually a community that could cater specifically for their needs when it comes to video sharing?

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Ziimeo Video Competition Extended!

For the last couple of months, many of us have been scrambling to compile those exciting vacation pictures to make a decent slideshow or video for the Ziimeo Best Vacation Video Competition. Tough luck for those who were unable to make it to the deadline. But frown not, o restless traveler; we bring you good tidings of great joy! In our desire to accommodate all your competitive entries, we are happy to announce that Ziimeo is extending that competition until March 15, 2012!

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