Tablet Publications Made Easy with MagCast

MagCast is the solution if you are a publisher who wants to infiltrate the digital magazine industry. This digital platform software enables you to convert your digital catalogue, brochure or magazine into an iPad publication that serves you and your readers. Your readership will find this conversion to be an innovative and fresh new addition to your existing magazine issues. Use MagCast to turn an ordinary magazine into a  spectacular magazine! Digital publications allow you to reach a wider audience at no additional cost. You can go global with this platform thereby increasing your...

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Tablet Magazine Publishing with MagCast

Savvy Readers Taking Advantage of Mobile Tablets Tech-savvy readers the world over are taking advantage tablets like iPad’s Newsstand to catch up on the latest news and their favorite magazine subscriptions. This also presents a great opportunity for publishers and advertisers to get their message out to the market in a cost-effective manner. IPad publications can be distributed at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media and it is environmentally friendly to boot. Technology advances all the time and one of the newer publication platforms, MagCast, is delivering the goods...

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