Bali Travel — Ziimeo Travel Mag’s September Issue

Great news for all Bali travel enthusiasts! Ziimeo now delivers exclusive and amazing travel blogs directly to you via your iPhone or Android phone. Because of this, travel is easier and more exciting! Ziimeo, a multi media interactive Travel video sharing website, brings you the September issue of Ziimeo Travel Mag --- the online travel magazine that will spice up the journeys of travel enthusiasts all over the world.

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Bali, Indonesia — Ziimeo Travel Mag’s Inaugural Feature

In our quest to make travel enthusiasts’ online journey better and more convenient, Ziimeo,a multi media interactive Travel Video sharing website with original, unique and exclusive multimedia content, has come up with a way to bring our Travel Blogs to you via your iPhone or Android phone. We now introduce the Ziimeo Travel Mag — the online adventure travel magazine for Ziimeo Travel Mag is monthly magazine production especially tailored for serious adventure travellers who are on the go. Now, travel junkies have a more convenient way to be updated with the latest blogs...

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