Free Vacation in Bali Indonesia Still Up for Grabs

What are you willing to do to have a week – long vacation in a premiere beachfront villa in Bali Indonesia for free? For Ziimeo community members, that’s an easy question to answer. They simply have to join the ongoing Ziimeo Best Travel Video Competition which is especially created for travel enthusiasts who want to be rewarded for sharing their adventures on Ziimeo. Grab this rare chance to win a free exotic vacation in Villa Pantai in Bali, Indonesia, because this promo runs until May 15, 2012 only! Read on to find out more about this contest.

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Ziimeo Launches World Clock

To the avid traveler, time is everything. To the soulful adventurer, time is gold. To the enthusiastic jetsetters and seafarers, time is of great importance. We live in a world with different time zones. For a successful journey, we always base our schedules on the time of the place where we come from and of the place of our destination. Time is one of the biggest factors that we need to consider to have a wonderful vacation.

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Ziimeo Video Competition Extended!

For the last couple of months, many of us have been scrambling to compile those exciting vacation pictures to make a decent slideshow or video for the Ziimeo Best Vacation Video Competition. Tough luck for those who were unable to make it to the deadline. But frown not, o restless traveler; we bring you good tidings of great joy! In our desire to accommodate all your competitive entries, we are happy to announce that Ziimeo is extending that competition until March 15, 2012!

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