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Digital Magazines are Transforming  iPad Readers

The world of magazines has moved on from the glossy pages of printed magazines to the dynamic brilliance of the Retina Display of the iPad 3. Digital magazines are rapidly replacing traditional printed magazines, owing to the ease of accessibility and the level of interaction. Digital magazines not only contain informative text supported by impressive and meaningful imagery, but also showcase embedded videos. Videos  transform the viewer to connect more effectively with the content by immersing themselves into the heart of the magazine.

Online Publisher - Apples-Newsstand - iStaffSourceApple Newsstand is a Boon to the Digital Publishing Fraternity

The Apple Newsstand is a boon to the digital publishing fraternity. Earlier versions of printed magazines were converted to eFormats and manually downloaded, unfortunately they appear distorted, cropped or pixilated. The joy of reading these magazines was hampered by the distorted viewing. The Apple Newsstand innovation brought the digital magazine to the world of tablets and smart phone users. Apple has also given an enhanced viewing experience to readers who see their magazine embracing the screen like a second skin.

Apple Newsstand Benefits Users – Online Publishers and Readers

Apple Newsstand offers benefits to the magazine viewer as well as the magazine online publisher. The magazine reader can buy a single issue of their chosen magazine in-app using their Apple ID on iTunes. Likewise the digital magazine publisher can use their Apple ID to make their digital magazine available for subscription on the iTunes Newsstand marketplace. Apple does take a fee  for their services but given the fact that iTunes Newsstand is making the digital magazine accessible to the subscriber and the publisher is reducing the hassle of financial transactions for both, it is a small price to pay for convenience!

Newsstand uses Push Notifications

The Apple Newsstand app enables the magazine publisher to notify subscribers whenever a new issue of the magazine is available by using a push notification service. This is an automated service which generates an icon notification on the Newsstand icon on the subscribers’ iPad. This alerts the subscriber that there is new activity on the Newsstand that maybe of interest to them. This is a revolutionary way for the publisher to make sure new issues do not go unnoticed and also a fantastic way to make sure the subscriber does not miss out on any updates of their favorite digital magazine.

MagCast comes standard with Templates

The best news for publishers is that publishing to the Apple Newsstand is no longer a daunting task. With the recent launch of the revolutionary publishing platform MagCast, you no longer need an in-depth coding knowledge to create an App for your digital magazine. Nor do you need to be a web design guru to create a stunning design for the magazine. You have use of the editorial tools provided by MagCast to upload one of the standard templates for your magazine, or you can choose to have a template designed specifically for your magazine.

PDF Production

Once your template is organised you move onto preparing the PDF. For a great result that speaks for itself and garners reader reviews and 5 star ratings, your PDF needs to be stunning.  When complete simply upload your PDF to the MagCast platform for the final process of uploading, videos, links, advertising banners, video and image credits. Once you are satisfied with your magazine and your pages are all sorted, the final process is to publish your magazine to the Apple Newsstands.

online publisher - digital_magazines - iStaffSourceCreating and publishing your own digital magazine is now really as easy as that!  What’s more is that when you become a member of MagCast you get access to a swag of instructional video tutorials which give you a step by step guide to creating and publishing your digital magazines using the many tools and techniques provided by MagCast.

Outsource Your Magazine Production

If you want to take your magazine to the next level of design and sophistication you can partner with the MagCast publishing experts  They have been publishing outstanding digital magazines on the MagCast platform since the launch of the platform. They offer a multi-level approach to publishing your magazine – Layout and Design; Conversion and Publishing; Reviews and Social Proof and custom services to meet your needs and budget.

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