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Welcome to iStaffSource Publishing Services


We provide Outsourced Publishing Services for MagCast Publishing Platform Members

We offer an efficient no fuss approach to magazine production and marketing. All you need do is select the services you want us to perform, you deliver your content to our production team, we deliver your completed project to you within your nominated time frame, and we market your magazine to your target audience. It can’t be any easier than that!


Instant Access to Our Publishing Services

We offer three levels of service that can be activated immediately by selecting the services required and paying by credit card with Paypal.


iPad Magazine Issue Layout and Design @ $450

iPad Magazine Conversion and Publish @ $275

 iPad Magazine Promotional Support   @ $250





More Information!

For more details about our publishing services, refer to our Detailed Publishing Services page.

We also offer Custom Publishing Services for clients requiring additional Publishing and Promotional service or our Complete Publishing Package. For more information about these services, refer to our Detailed Publishing Services page.

If you are not a member of MagCast Publishing Platform and wish to join the service in conjunction with purchasing our publishing services, then please refer to our Detailed Publishing Services page for more details.

Note: All prices are in USD currency.

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