How can a Great Website Transform Your Business?

The business world today is more competitive than ever before and it forces companies to constantly strive to outsmart the competition. Without a website, your chances are diminished, as the modern consumer looks online for the best company and the fact that the competition has a website, will automatically make them seem more credible. You can easily transform your business with a good website that packs a punch. Web design and social media marketing can be daunting for most new entrepreneurs, who usually don’t have the capital to hire professionals to do it for them. Mostly, they...

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Become a Disruptive Magazine Publisher with MagCast

Savvy publishers are taking the world by storm, using magazine publishing apps for the iPad to reach more consumers in a shorter space of time. The reason for the success of iPad publishing through the Apple iTunes Newsstand is that it delivers a truly intuitive user experience which current readers love to share with their friends via social media. Creating a larger readership for publishers without the extensive costs of printing and distribution is easy with iPad publishing. However, the main benefits of iPad publishing indirectly come from the fact that consumers enjoy the reading...

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Media Tablets for Magazine Publishing

Tablets and iPad Offer a Full-on User Experience Tablets and iPad offer the opportunity for design, content and interactivity meet to create a full-on user-experience that captives your audience. In addition to a better reader experience, it brings along the opportunity for personalization and a much shorter marketing lead time.  Where a printed magazine addresses the general audience, a digital edition can offer an audience specific focus. This brings about in-the-moment information that captivates your audience in the moment, and with clever marketing and interactivity, it can bring about...

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