Great Magazine Layout for iPad Publishing

We have a Love Affair with Glossy Magazines In the not so recent past, magazines used to come in printed glossy pages and were a luxury afforded by those better off on the financial demographics. Especially the bigger magazines which centered around popular topics life lifestyle, interior décor, cars, travel and gadgets could become an expensive affair indeed. There was also the eternal wait thrown into the picture when you wanted a magazine from across the borders. Despite all the inconvenience the charm of browsing through a magazine never wore off. We have a love affair with glossy...

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MagCast is the Best Publishing Platform for Magazine Publishers

If you are a publisher, MagCast and your iPad can open up enormous opportunities you have never realized before. You can increase your advertising bases and grow your global audience easily and for a small outlay, compared to the costs of traditional printing and distribution. Apple’s iTunes Newsstand is the gateway through which you can deliver digital editions of your title to your readers across the globe. It is a single access point for readers to access their favorite titles from their iPads. Savvy Advertisers like Digital Media Smart advertisers are taking advantage of tech-savvy...

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Stunning iPad Magazine Publishing with Retina Display

Apple’s iPad Retina Display is Wooing its Viewers Apple sure has wooed its users by introducing the third generation iPad with an awesome Retina Display. The iPad has suddenly jumped to being a media platform which delivers enhanced image quality and gives a never-experienced-before viewing thrill. Photographers and videographers have loved this new screen and can’t seem to stop uploading their multiple media formats to give other iPad users an exotic viewing experience. The Retina Display which has resolution of 2048X1536 ensures that there is no pixilation visible to the human eye...

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