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We have a Love Affair with Glossy Magazines

magazinesIn the not so recent past, magazines used to come in printed glossy pages and were a luxury afforded by those better off on the financial demographics. Especially the bigger magazines which centered around popular topics life lifestyle, interior décor, cars, travel and gadgets could become an expensive affair indeed. There was also the eternal wait thrown into the picture when you wanted a magazine from across the borders. Despite all the inconvenience the charm of browsing through a magazine never wore off. We have a love affair with glossy magazines!

With the onset of technology life promised to get a little easier. All the global magazines also introduced a format which could be manually downloaded for a small price from the internet. This reduced the initial price somewhat and also the wait time to view and read your favorite magazine was also drastically reduced. Unfortunately the e-formats of these early magazines were not mobile and tablet friendly and reading them on your smartphones and upgraded apps was really annoying. The magazine did not fit snugly on the screen and reading the magazine involved a lot of scrolling and cropped images. That is why a magazine layouts are so important for your magazine publishing.

Apple Introduced the Newsstand on iTunes

Then thankfully Apple introduced the Newsstand on iTunes. There was finally an app which was designed specifically with newspapers and magazines in mind. It adapted the traditional patterns of the magazines and made them viewer friendly. All the magazines that you liked and loved could now not only be easily accessed but also easily read on your favored Apple device, the iPad.

The Newsstand took convenience one step further to improve the world for the magazine publishers. It introduced a push-button distribution mechanism. What does this mechanism do? It makes life simpler for the subscriber as well the publisher of a digital magazine. Subscribers have a tendency to forget when the new issue of their subscribed magazine is due on the stands. By the time they realize it and reach for it, the new issue is no longer new.


With the push button distribution message, a publisher can announce to all his subscribers that the new issue is out on the Newsstand! It is an automated mechanism and requires no serious effort from either the publisher or the subscriber. Newsstand also made it possible that you get an icon notification on the Newsstand icon every time a new issue of your subscribed magazine is available on the Newsstand.

Newsstand on iTunesApple has made Magazine Subscribing Easy

By launching the Newsstand Apple also reduced the aches and pains of repeated buying of a magazine and its subscription. Now as a subscriber you can buy a magazine via in-app purchases. Whether you want to subscribe or buy a single issue all you need to do is click on the relevant button. Apple will deduct the amount from the valid credit card associated with your Apple ID, deduct their service fee and pass on the rest to the publisher.

As a publisher too this works out for you really well. Apple enables you to create a subscription for your magazine via the in-app purchases. This means that for a fee, Apple takes care of all your financial transactions and all you need worry about is creating the next issue and making it available to your subscribers.

Publishing your Magazine can be Easy makes it really simple to publish your digital magazine to the Apple Newsstands! You create the  content, and they take care of the technical production aspects involved in the creation of the magazine app to upload to Apple. This is where the magazine layout magic happens! iStaffSource partners with you every step of the way. Now at an affordable price you can forget about having to understand the complex coding and layout design required to publish a digital magazine and focus on delivering quality content with every issue. For more information about how can help you create your magazine masterpiece, enter you email below!

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