The Template page is where you select your theme template for your magazine.

Selecting the right template for your magazine is extremely important! Your template sets the tone of your

magazine. Therefore it is very important to select a template that blends with the theme of your

magazine. A travel magazine may have a tropical influenced template or a business magazine may have

a plain template to instill the sense of business and professionalism. Whatever your theme, your

magazine template must compliment it and make a statement about you and your magazine theme.

Be careful which template you choose, because changing your theme template at a later date will cost

$$$ to change.


If you need advice on your choice of template then please contact your Digital Magazine

Production and Publishing Team member.

We have 4 Groups of Templates available to choose from:

Basic - Free templates.

  • basic-03

  • basic-01

  • basic-02

Medium – Priced @ $7 each.

  • medium-03

  • medium-01

  • medium-02

Premium – Priced @ $47 each.

  • premium-03
  • premium-01
  • premium-02

Professional – Priced from $99 each depending upon the template design.


  • pro-03

  • pro-01

  • pro-02


Note: iStaffSource do not take any responsibility for your choice of template.If you choose to change your template during the Layout and Design stage of your magazine production, you will be charged for the time taken to make the changes at our standard Web Designer hourly rates. Refer our Standard Terms & Conditions.”

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