Create a Newspaper or Magazine for iPad

Advantages of Digital Newspapers and Magazines is Endless The list of advantages of digital newspapers and magazines is endless, however here are some of my favorite ones. You can easily reach a global audience with digital newspapers and magazines. Even if your loyal subscribers relocate, they are still able to access your quality content anywhere around the world. Digital newspapers and magazines will never replace hard copies as most people still want to have a printed copy. Close to 90% of digital newspaper and magazine readers have indicated that they want to have access to a printed...

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Digital Publishing on the iPad Couldn’t be Easier

Apple iPad is a Brilliant Publishing Opportunity Everybody knows the advantages of publishing to the Apple iPad. It is a brilliant opportunity to connect instantly with thousands of likeminded users across the globe. Whether you are a writer, photographer or just an ordinary individual who feels they have interesting content to share,  you can instantly convert your content into a money making tool by publishing it to the iPad. There are loads of apps available on the market, which claim to assist you in publishing freely to iPad. Most of them will instruct you to convert your content into...

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