Great Magazine Layout for iPad Publishing

We have a Love Affair with Glossy Magazines In the not so recent past, magazines used to come in printed glossy pages and were a luxury afforded by those better off on the financial demographics. Especially the bigger magazines which centered around popular topics life lifestyle, interior décor, cars, travel and gadgets could become an expensive affair indeed. There was also the eternal wait thrown into the picture when you wanted a magazine from across the borders. Despite all the inconvenience the charm of browsing through a magazine never wore off. We have a love affair with glossy...

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Create Magazine Apps for iPad Mini Publishing

The New iPad Mini Reader Experience Technology rapidly advances, and now it has extended even to the time-tested newspaper and print media industry and to static websites. Mobile technology has made many people aware of the damage that is done to the environment by endless copies of printed pages and publishers have been under the spotlight to deliver digital copies instead, or face losing some readers. Publishers are now considering how they can translate their readers’ print experiences onto the new iPad Mini touch-screen. While some companies allow users to adjust their experience...

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