Learning Basic Social Networking Etiquette

Working virtually means that we don’t see people face to face every day. We know that we need to perfect the skill of social networking in order to expand our audience and, well, our network. But it takes skills in order to be able to do this effectively. We can’t just walk into a virtual ‘room’ and greet everyone we know and meet them. So here are a few tips on how to engage people while exercising etiquette: Introduce yourself. Sounds simple, but some people just never do it. When you join a group or forum of your potential clients or colleagues, let them know that...

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Social Media Management — A Useful Tool For Small Businesses

Social networking is like word of mouth multiplied a dozen times. With online businesses becoming more ubiquitous by the minute, small- and medium-size enterprises should start tapping into online conversations and use the social media to their advantage. Social media management is now among the services that outsourcing companies like iStaffSource offers.

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