Terms & Conditions of Service

Digital Magazine Production and Publishing

These terms and condition are to be read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions that can be found on our Terms and Conditions page and are binding on both parties to this contract for services.


iStaffSource offers its magazine production and marketing expertise to customers who wish to outsource the production and marketing of their MagCast magazine under the following terms and conditions:


1.   iStaffSource offers standard prepaid packages for the production, upload and marketing of digital magazines utilizing the MagCast Publishing Platform. Membership to the MagCast Publishing Platform is not included on the price of our services. The standard prepaid publishing packages, are located on our Publishing Services page.


2.   To enter into a contract with iStaffSource for the production, publication and marketing of a digital magazine, the customer is required to be a paid member of the MagCast Publishing Platform. Or agrees to become a member of the MagCast Publishing Platform within a reasonable time thereafter.


3.   iStaffSource offers its services on a prepaid basis for our standard packages and a progressive payments plan for its custom services.

All prepaid services will be paid using Paypal on our Publishing Services page.


4.   iStaffSource will not commence work on your magazine production until payment processing has been confirmed via our payment processing account or bank account.


5.   iStaffSource does not offer refunds for prepaid services. Please ensure you have read our Publishing Services page and subsequent pages before you prepay for our services.


6.   iStaffSource does not take responsibility for the contents of the customers magazine. All contents of the customers  magazine whether the customer is using our prepaid or custom services is certified by the customer to be the property of the customer, or the customer has a right or use, or are licensed to use the contents. The contents refers to any text, pages, image, audio file, video, link, banner, advertisement, affiliate link, URL link, or anything that can be described as contents.


7.   iStaffSource does not take responsibility for errors, omissions, or changes to the contents document submitted by the customer. The customer verifies that the document submitted to the Digital Magazine Production and Publishing Team at iStaffSource is the final document and that all text, pages, images, audio files, videos, links, banners, advertisements, affiliate links, URL links, or anything that can be described as content that is included with the document is final.

A final document is defined for these purposes, is a completed document that does not require any further additions, changes or corrections.


8.   iStaffSource will charge a customer for all changes to the magazine from the original contents document supplied by the customer. The charge-out rate will be the current hourly rate for a Web Designer. The current rate for a Web designer can be found on the Pricing page 


9.   When iStaffSource have charged (by invoice) a prepaid customer for additional work hours due to clause 8. of these terms and conditions, the magazine will not be uploaded to the next stage or published until the customer has paid the invoice.


10.  Although iStaffSource does not issue refunds for prepaid work, it does however guarantee its work performance. All work carried out by the Digital Magazine Production and Publishing Team at iStaffSource is guaranteed. Customer satisfaction and the quality of our work are of utmost importance to us.  iStaffSource maintains high standards for the work performance of its staff.


11.   Where a dispute arises in regard to Digital Magazine Production and Publishing Team at iStaffSource’s quality of work, the ultimate decision to settle the dispute will be the responsibility of the Managing Director of iStaffSource who will act impartially at all times during client dispute processes.


12.   iStaffSource may change, add to, or delete clauses within these terms and conditions, the inclusions of services,  and the prices of its services, at any time and without prior notice to its customers or subscribers to its services.


13.  iStaffSource cannot be held responsible for changes to the MagCast Publishing Platform which may adversely effect the workability of magazines that have already been published or are currently in production. MagCast is a third party software package that iStaffSource have no control over changes to the software program.


Note: iStaffSource.com is not associated with MagCast in any way, other than being an affiliate of the MagCast Publishing Platform. As a result of this affiliation, iStaffSource may receive a commission from clients joining MagCast from our affiliate links on this site and elsewhere.

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